Witnessing “Cash App card not activating” error can be really frustrating. Why? Because an inactivated Cash App card can deprive you of many Cash App features such as direct deposit, borrowing money, investing, and so on and so forth. Hence, the situation of being “Unable to activate a Cash App card” can turn the Cash App payment experience into a panic-filled nightmare. But, you don’t need to worry if you can’t enable the Cash App card. Non-stop customer service is available for your satisfaction. You can contact us and get assistance from experts. Alternatively, keep on reading this helping post and educate yourself. 

We are unable to activate your Cash card please try again later

Most of you must know that there are two methods available to activate a Cash App card. Either you can scan a QR code or use the details of your card manually to activate your card. If in the first method you end with a “Try again later” error then consider trying the second method. But, what if the second method also fails to activate your cash card? Then it is time to get more technical and make sure of the below-mentioned points. 

  • Check and make sure your internet connection is strong enough. 
  • In case you are trying to activate your card by scanning the QR code but failing then make sure that you have allowed the Cash App to access your camera. 
  • The manual cash card activation process requires you to enter the correct details of the card including card number, expiry date, and CVV. Any small error and mistake in entering the details can lead you to have “Unable to activate your card please try again later”. 

Cash App unable to activate card for security purposes 

Security is at the core of the Square Cash App payment app. The dedication of the Cash App to security could be gauged from the fact that Cash App does not hesitate from cancelling the payment at the slightest hint of a threat to security. So, the idea here is not to appear as a suspicious user on Cash App and avoid the following mistakes: 

  • Avoid using the old version of Cash App while activating a Cash App card.  
  • Abstain from using the debit or credit card of someone else as it might make you appear in a bad light due to which your attempt to activate a Cash App card can fail. 
  • It is good to be careful about security on the internet but be considerate while using security tools such as VPN. Note that the use of a VPN among scammers and online fraudsters is on the rise like never before. And due to security-related concerns, sometimes, Cash App also starts suspecting the users whenever it finds VPN is enabled while sending or receiving money.     

How to activate my Cash App card without QR code?

Undoubtedly, scanning a QR code is referred to as the most simple and straightforward method to enable a cash card on Cash App. But, sadly, this method always doesn’t work. Let’s not get deep into the reasons that prevent the users from activating their cash card as they might be so many and be specific to the solutions. And the solution is to try the alternative method to activate a Cash App card which is using the manual method or you can say CVV. These are the steps: 

  • Open Cash App on your phone, as the first step. 
  • Now tap the card-shaped icon. 
  • Scroll down and select “Activate Cash App Card”. 
  • Then, select “Use CVV Instead”. 
  • Now enter the card details one by one. 
  • In the end, tap “Activate”. 
  • Your card will enable you to use and spend money. 
  • Further, Cash App will prompt you to find your Cash App routing number and account number. 
  • Follow the onscreen instruction if you want to enable the direct deposit. 

Cash App number to activate a card

Be informed that Square has not put in place any phone number to dial to activate a Cash App card. Plus, there is no SMS service to activate a Cash App card. There are only two methods available to activate a Cash App card that we have already discussed in the above section. However, in the event of any problem, while activating a Cash App card using any of the methods, you can contact us and get help.  

How do I activate my Cash App card without login in?

Do you remember what I told you in the beginning? I am repeating this again as it is important. There are only two possible ways to activate a Cash App card. One is scanning a QR code and the second is using the CVV instead. In both methods, a successful Cash App login is a must. If someone says that you can activate your Cash App card without login into your Cash App account then be careful as it might be a scam and you can be the next target.