Since its inception in 2013, Cash App has been a choice of millions in the US. And with time, it is getting better, faster, and safer payment apps. If there is something that many people might have an objection to, that can be a limit to sending money on Cash App. Disappointingly, even after confirming the identity on Cash App, one can’t send more than $7500 in a week. It means, in order to send more than $7500 in a week through Cash App one has to use two accounts on Cash App. Sounds good! But, is it possible? Can you really have 2 Cash App accounts? If yes then how you can create two Cash App accounts? And if the answer is – No then what can be the best alternative of multiple Cash App accounts. If you also want answers to these questions then keep on reading or contact our Cash App customer service.   

How many Cash App accounts can you have? 

It would be a lot better if you first understand how one can create a Cash App account. So, let’s get started. To create and set up an account on Cash App one needs to enter a phone number, email id, and a few basic details. Without a phone number and email id, a Cash App account can’t be created. More importantly, with one phone number and one email id a person can create only one account on Cash App. It means, if you want to create 2 or 3 accounts on Cash App then you will require to have 2 or 3 phone numbers and email ids. Frankly speaking, as many ones as phone numbers and email ids, so as accounts could be created on Cash App. Sounds good?

Hold on for one minute! Before you create multiple Cash App accounts using multiple phone numbers and email ids, don’t forget that users also have to confirm their identities on Cash App. Let’s get into it in mode details in the following section.

Can you have two Cash App accounts with the same SSN? 

The answer is a big no. With one SSN, one can have only one Cash App account. However, one can create as many Cash App accounts as required but with one SSN, only one account could be confirmed. Any attempt of confirming the identity of any users for the second account on Cash App will definitely fail. An SSN could be used with the second Cash App account only when the first Cash App account is expired or deleted. Now some of you might be thinking that SSN is an inevitable thing for a Cash App. But, the opposite is true. By that I mean, you can certainly create a Cash App account without SSN. In fact, not only you can create an account, but also you can send and receive money to and from cashapp contacts. 

Can I have two Cash App accounts with the same phone number? 

Creating and setting up 2 Cash App accounts with the same phone number is far from the reality as of now. Even if you try to create a second Cash App account, Cash App mobile application will show you an error message saying that “This Number Is Already Registered”. Hence, drop the idea of creating multiple Cash App accounts with the same phone number. 

Can you add multiple accounts to Cash App?

Wondering how many bank accounts and debit cards could be added to a Cash App account? Here I have got an answer to this commonly asked question. Square Cash App lets the users set up and add one account to Cash App at a time. Let’s get more specific and understand exactly how many cards you can add to Cash App.

In terms of payment method, Cash App supports one bank account, one debit card, and one credit card. It means, two or more 2 bank accounts or two debit cards could not be added to the Cash App. The same is true with credit cards – 2 credit cards also could not be added on Cash App.   

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How do I merge 2 Cash App accounts? 

Having two Cash App accounts is not a common occurrence nowadays. But, if you have two Cash App accounts and now you want to merge then it can be a good idea. By doing so you can avoid the hassles of handling and operating 2 accounts on Cash App. To merge your both Cash App accounts all you need to do is just enter your email id and phone number on one account. Below are the steps:

  • Login to Cash App (anyone Cash App account).
  • Now get into your profile section.
  • Select the “Personal” tab.
  • Now select a phone number and email id.
  • Enter the email id and phone number of your other Cash App account.
  • Tap the “Save” button to save the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be numerous reasons for not getting access to the Cash App account. Here, you need to see whether you have entered the correct login credentials for your existing account. In case you do not understand the reason behind the Cash App account access denial, you can connect to Cash App customer support.

Yes, it is possible to login to the Cash account with two different devices. Here, you just need to login with your id and password and go through the verification process. It will redirect the Cash App account into your device.

If you want to unlock your old account, you can retrieve it using your sign-in credentials. In addition, you can reset your account details using the login credentials. In case of any further queries, you can connect to Cash App customer care and get your queries resolved at the earliest.

There can be many reasons for you being unable to access your Cash App account. And, one of them is poor internet connectivity, outdated versions of apps and many others. However, you need to rectify it with the help of Cash App customer care support.

You can use your account to reactivate a Cash App account linked to an old phone number or email address. However, if you have linked your phone number and email address to your account, it is easier and faster to reactivate an old Cash App account. In case you have any issues, you can contact Cash App support.