If you are a Cash App user and going to set up the direct deposit with Sutton Bank then you should stop for a minute and read this post. Might be possible that your bank name for direct deposit is not Sutton Bank. Even if your Cash App bank name is Sutton then it doesn’t mean that you can log in to Cash App using the Sutton Bank website or mobile application. Your one mistake of entering the wrong name for direct deposit or attempting to login into your Cash App account through Sutton Bank can result in getting you a frustrating experience. So, keep on reading this post to enhance your payment experience. 

Can you login into Cash App through Sutton Bank? 

You are not alone if you have ever tried to access your Cash App account using the Sutton Bank website or mobile application. So many Cash App users have done so and end up losing both time and effort. Actually, the Sutton Bank Cash App login is nothing more than just a rumor. And the reason behind this rumor is the alliance of Cash App and Sutton Bank. 

Yes, Sutton Bank is in partnership with the Cash App payment app. If the truth is told, there are two banks that are in association with the Cash App. One is Sutton Bank and the second one is Lincoln Savings Bank. These two banks help the Cash App to manage and handle the cash card and direct deposit services. That’s why upon searching, users find any one of these two bank names.    

Can I log in to Cash App using my Sutton Bank account if my Cash App bank name is Sutton? It might be your next question. Well, the answer is – no. You can’t log in to your Cash App account using the Sutton Bank website. Similarly, you can’t log in to your Sutton Bank account using the Cash App mobile application. 

In short, for everything in connection with Cash App payment, cash card, and direct deposit you need to navigate through your Cash App mobile application or website. The same is true with Sutton Bank payments. For all kinds of payments or to get a quick overview of your Sutton Bank account, you need to go through the Sutton Bank website or app.   

Sutton Bank Cash App customer service

Payment failure, delay, and technical glitches are an unwanted but inevitable part of all payment systems. Frankly speaking, Sutton Bank and Cash App by Block are also not free from a number of problems. That’s why Cash App and Sutton Bank have their own separate customer service to help the users overcome all kinds of problems. In case you are having a problem in sending or receiving the money to and from contact using Cash App then dialing the Cash App customer service can be the most logical thing to do. The same is applicable to Sutton Bank. In the event of any problem with your Sutton Bank, consider contacting the Sutton Bank Customer service instead of Cash App support.   

Cash App Sutton Bank Address

To ensure the hassle-free direct deposit services and get paid early from the employer, entering the correct bank address is as important as the name. Just to make sure you don’t make any mistakes, I am letting you know the Cash App Sutton Bank address for direct deposit: Sutton Bank, PO Box 505 Attica, OH 44807-0505 United States. In the banking section if you have found your Cash App bank name is Sutton then you can use this address for direct deposit.  

Sutton Bank Cash App phone number

Are you frustrated? Facing a problem with your Cash App? Well, not an issue. You can reach out to Cash App customer service using the Cash App mobile application. You can find out the option to get in touch with Cash App support in your profile section at the far bottom level. Cash App normally takes up to 5-7 business days to respond to the complainant. Of course, waiting for such a long-time can really be frustrating. In such a case, you can contact our representative and get instant help. Experts available at our customer service are aware of the common Cash App problems and their solutions.