Cash App Payment Voucher for Procurement Card (PVC) is a charge which comes under the Cash App scam. As there are no processing fees involved on Cash payment for either debit or credit cards as PVC charges. Usually, if any user opts for credit card payment via American Express, Discover, or any other credit card, the minimum processing varies between 1.5-3% and it also depends on the bank’s charges over their credit card. However, all the Cash App debit card payments are free of cost. So, no Pvc Charge In Cash App as of now, scammers fool it by paying the clearance fees by the users as PVC charges on their purchases.

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Cash App offers a minimum processing fee of 0.5% -1.75% on credit card instant or standard deposits. However, no PVC charges have been found under Cash App’s payment. Don’t fall into the PVC charge in Cash App scam.

What Is A Pvc Payment on Cash App? - Get A Justification

Cash is a techno and user-friendly peer-peer encrypted app, which allows free transactions via its debit card payments. However, sometimes users get into scam traps and pay a PVC charge in Cash App. Now, let's discuss What Is A Pvc Payment on Cash App and how it works.

Here, the scammers send an illusive and false payment link mentioning the email regarding the clearance fees on the sent amount by the sender. Cash App users might get confused with the fake email message and proceed to pay the clearance fee without any knowledge of a scam attack on them. This way they get all the Cash app account details and once they receive the money, they never come back. The clearance charges named PVC payment may vary up to $50 on Cash App.

Know About What is a Pvc Payment 

Want to know what is a pvc payment? And how scammers fool you with pvc payments. Here is the answer: Once a Cash App user gets an email attachment or the Cash app message following the links on the clearance fee as a part of goods delivered to their doorstep, or any money transfers done on their Cash App account. The Cash App users follow the payment link to pay the required clearance which is called a PVC payment. 

What is a PVC charge on Cash App?

As we understood, there is no PVC payment associated with any transactions on Cash App. So, it is a completely avoidable charge. And, any cash app user need not pay pvc charge on the cash app, as this is a scam. In addition, Cash app does charge credit card processing charges which could vary to 3 % on any government-enabled credit card payments.  


  • How can I avoid Pvc Charge In Cash App?

As you know, it is a Cash App scam, so you should avoid any fake or unverified links for payment, which is similar to Cash App links. Also, you should proceed to any payment only from the Cash App’s legit website or the app. And, also you should double-check the recipient's genuine or the correct address and account info to avoid any monetary losses. 

  • I got into the PVC payment trap. What should I do now?

Well, first of all, check for your transaction history and raise the false payments on Cash App customer care. The Cash App representative will take care of it. However, if you have already fallen into the PVC payment trap, most probably your money could not get recovered. However, you can change your login credential or even delete the Cash App account to avoid any future losses. 

  • How can I know,  it is a phishing mail (PVC charges) on my Cash App? 

First of all, you need to identify its genuinity on Cash app transaction. And avoid any unknown accounts for payments via Cash App. And always transfer money in your known circles. 


Hopefully, in this quick go through guide you have clearly understood about what is a PVC charge on Cash App. And, how scammers make the payment scam links via the PVC links. Further, it is always recommended to do any money transaction within your known circles, like family, friends and others. Additionally, you can entirely ignore the pvc charges to avoid any scam traps and lose your entire money from the Cash App account in future. By following all the above-shared info, you can get a peace of mind completely.