Let’s be honest, isn’t losing or damaging a card frustrating and stressful. And especially, when you had only one card. The tiresome process of going to the bank, canceling the old card, and applying for a new one can take hours. On top of that, making payments with a payment app comes with hefty fees. But there is some good news for Cash App users. If you lost your Cash App card or damaged it, don’t be disoriented. Ordering a new Cash App card is easier than ever. If you don’t know how to order a new Cash App card, you have landed in the right place. Because in this blog we going to teach you how easy is it to order a replacement Cash App card. 

Can I have two cash app cards?

Reasons to order a new Cash App card can be several. But the process remains the same for every reason. Before we begin instructing you on how to order a Cash App card, there must be a specific ground behind it. A user is simply not allowed to have two or more Cash App cards simultaneously. Once you activate a new Cash App card, your previous card will be deactivated immediately. If you are wondering “Can I get a new Cash App card?” and “If I order a new cash app card can I still use my old one”, the answer is no, but that depends on why you need a new Cash App card. Here are some situations you must order a new Cash App card in:

  • you lost the old Cash App card 
  • Your previous Cash App card got damaged 
  • If your Cash App card gets stolen 
  • The previous Cash App card got expired
  • You want to design a new Cash Card  

If you are in the situation mentioned above, then you can order a new Cash App card effortlessly. However, before ordering a new Cash App card, the first thing you must do is contact the Cash App customer service

How to order a new Cash App card online? Easy Steps

Did you know that a Cash App card comes with a lot more facilities than you anticipate? Don’t believe us? With the Cash App card, you can set up a Cash App direct deposit, Cash App mobile check upload, and also the Cash App loan. Now that you have decided you want to make a Cash App card order, let’s get right down to business. 

  • Open the Cash App on your android or iOS device. 
  • Present below on the Cash App home screen will be the “Cards” tab. Select that.
  • Then click on the image of the card. This will open a pop-up.
  • The next step is to choose among the prompts “Problem with Card”, “Report Lost/Stolen” or “Design New Card”. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your details. 

When you report a card stolen or lost, your card is immediately disabled to prevent misconduct. 

How long does it take to get a new Cash App card?

The card will reach your address associated with your Cash App account. It will take approximately 10 business days for the Cash App card to arrive.

How to get a new Cash App card for free 

There is some tough luck while ordering a new Cash App card. Nothing comes free in this world and such is the case with a replacement card. 

How much is a replacement cash app card

You need to pay $5 per replacement Cash App card ordered. Nevertheless, if you have ordered a personalized Cash App card, the replacement fee may be higher than $5. 

How to activate a new cash app card

Finally, your Cash App card arrived? All that's left now is to activate your Cash App card and use it for payments. If you do not know how you are in luck because below we have mentioned the steps to activate a Cash App card. 

  • Visit the “Card” tab on your Cash App home screen. 
  • Choose the image of your Cash App card.
  • Tap on “Activate Card”.
  • Input your card details and follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Cash App card. 

Your Cash App card will be immediately activated and you can use it to make payments, and purchases online as well as in-store. You can use your Cash App card to receive direct deposits, tax refunds, social security benefits, payrolls and even to make international payments. 

Let’s Summarise

The bottom line is that you can easily learn how to order a new Cash App card. You can order a new Cash App card merely with your phone and the internet. Whether your phone got stolen, lost, or damaged, you can just ask for a replacement card by launching the Cash App card. Just first you must call the Cash App support to block your Cash App card instantly to prevent misuse. After ordering, your replacement card will arrive within 5-10 business days at your address. All there is left to do is to activate your Cash App card and use it for your payments.