It is mandatory to verify your Cash App account if you are planning to buy Bitcoin. Cash App provides a platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin. It is impossible to buy Bitcoin in Cash App if your account is unverified. We know what you are thinking about Cash App verification for Bitcoin. Don't worry we got this, we are not only going to provide you with steps to verify Cash App for bitcoin but also every information you must know about Cash App verification for Bitcoin. 

The Cash App only works with Bitcoin (BTC). No other cryptocurrency, including BCH or BSV, is supported by Cash App. Sending coins that are not supported will result in money being lost.

Do I need to verify my Cash App before I can send Bitcoin?

Yes, you need to verify your cash app account before buying bitcoin. You can purchase Bitcoin through Cash App without limits after having your Bitcoin account verified there. You cannot be anonymous when using Cash App because every transaction is associated with your phone number and bank account.   

How long does it take to verify Bitcoin on Cash App?

 It will hardly take 2 days to verify bitcoin on the cash app. However, if your Cash App bitcoin verification failed due to any reason then it will take some while. You don't need to worry if your Cash App bitcoin verification failed. You can contact Cash App customer care to know the exact reason why your verification failed. You can verify your Cash App account again after 48 hours. There are 5 ways to contact Cash App customer service. By application, by website, with help of phone, through the mail, and can also you can contact Cash App customer care on social media. 

How do I verify my Cash App account for Bitcoin?

For Cash App Bitcoin Verification you need to enable BTC on Cash App. How to enable BTC on Cash App? On the home screen of the Cash App, tap the Bitcoin tab. Select "Airplane" by tapping it. Elect to transmit bitcoin. To use the QR code scanner, press the upper left corner of the screen. To manually enter the external wallet address, tap Send.

You need the following 6 things for your Cash App Bitcoin Verification. 

Your full name 

You need to write your full name which means it must include your first name, middle name (if any), and last name. Your name should be exactly the one that is registered on your security card.

Date of birth

Just like your name your date of birth should be also exactly like the one with the registered security number. 

Home address

Most people mention their current address in the security number that's why you have to mention the same in Cash App verification. However, it is not compulsory to mention the same you can mention different if you change your residential area.

Evidence of Identity

A government-issued National ID card, a birth certificate from the United States, a passport, a voter registration card, or a social security card must be uploaded.


You must upload a photo of yourself to verify your identity on Cash App. Keep in mind that the image must be in the.png,.jpg, or.gif format. For Cash App verification for Bitcoin, There should be no obstructions, shadows, or artifacts in the background, which should be seen as off-white or white.

The photo must resemble your passport or driver's license photo and have been taken within the last six months. The lighting should be consistent and in focus throughout, with no flash glare.


This is very important to upload your id or driving license picture. You have to mention the same number otherwise it is possible that your Cash App bitcoin verification denied. 

How to verify Bitcoin on Cash App without Id?

If you don't have your id don't worry you can do Cash App Bitcoin Verification even with your driving license Here are the steps you need to follow for Cash App Bitcoin Verification.

  • Open the Cash App on your device. 
  • Log in to your Cash App account. 
  • Open home page on Cash App.
  • Tap on the Bitcoin symbol in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Select withdrawals and deposits option
  • Provide the reason for by bitcoin 
  • You must scan both sides of your driver's license for the Cash App.
  • Full photo of your face 
  • Confirm the process
  • Wait for 48 hours for verification 

How do I bypass verification on Cash App?

There is no way to get around the verification process at Cash App because it is a sizable financial institution. Financial organizations are required by law to verify customers, so if you don't provide this information, you can lose access to the app. 

Why was my Cash App bitcoin verification declined?

If your verification for Cash App bitcoin is pending then it will take some time to verify that doesn't mean that your bitcoin verification is declined. You have to wait at least 48 hours after following the process for Cash App Bitcoin Verification. If your verification is declined then it can be because of the following reason. 

  • If you didn't upload your id or driving license photo clearly 
  • If the information is not matching with your id 
  • If your Cash App account is deactivated 
  • If your name spelling is wrong 
  • If the date of birth is not matching with id