Want to know a secret? Trust is the key to any relationship. And trust is not just limited to marital relations, it is important for business alliances as well as financial associations. In addition, the Cash App virtual bank needs a proficient trust factor to provide its customers with the most extensive facilities. Loans, direct deposits and even credit cards are all provided on the basis of mutual trust. Now you may be wondering, how do you build this so-called “Trust”. 

Well, just like we don’t lend out money to strangers, Cash App will need a verification of identity from you in order for you to be a trusted user. And once you are a trusted user exclusive Cash App features are available to you like Cash App borrow money, Cash App instant transfer and even the Cash App card. But the list just doesn’t end here. If you have not done the Cash App verification you will be limited to a set amount of sending and receiving. Does that not sound so frustrating? So, by now you must be wanting to learn how to verify Cash App, right? If yes, go down the blog to learn more on how and why you should verify Cash App. 

How to verify Cash App on Mobile Phone

Cash App is undoubtedly an impressive mobile payment service in America. It allows a user to use their account without verification as well, but the most you can do with an unverified Cash App account is send and receive money. To get maximum financial benefits from Cash App, you must verify your Cash App account. Here is how you can verify your Cash App account:

  • Launch the Cash App on your device or phone.

Open the Cash App on your mobile phone. You can download the Cash App using the App Store on your iPhone, and Play Store if you are using an android device. 

  • Click on the Balance icon. 

After opening the app on your phone. Navigate yourself to the Balance section and then find the funds subdivision. 

  • Select the “Add Card” option.

When you go to the funds division, you will see an option of linking a card. Select that. You will then be taken to a new screen. On this prompt, you need to follow on-screen instructions to add your card. You will also have to enter your name, Date of Birth, account number, card number, expiration and CVV. 

  • Go to your profile and input your Social Security. 

In the profile, enter your social security number. And move on to the next step of the procedure. 

  • Take a snap of your ID 

Next step requires you to click a picture of your government- approved IDs. Do this by allowing the Cash App to take pictures using the App. Make sure that you take a picture of the front as well as the back of the ID. To verify that you are who you are Cash App takes this procedure very seriously. 

  • Click a selfie

Now you need to take a selfie or a picture of yourself as per the verification norms. The verification usually takes upto 24 ours to complete. The moment your Cash App verification is done, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your account is approved and verified. 

Why you need to verify your Cash App card account?

There is a massive difference between the intensity of features in a verified and unverified Cash App account. You get an increased limit of max transfers, you also get eligible for small short term loan from Cash App, and you can finally set up a Cash App direct deposit

  • Verification increases your transfer limits

When you are not a verified Cash App user, your max transfer limit is $250 for sending in a 7 day period, and you can receive up to only $1000 in 30 day period. On verification the Cash App max transfer limit increases to $7500 per week and you can receive an unlimited amount of money.  

  • You can set up Cash App direct deposit 

When you are a verified Cash App user, you can set up a Cash App direct deposit. Isn’t that convenient. With the Cash App direct deposit you can access your money up to two days earlier. You can set up a direct deposit for tax refunds, social security benefits, veteran aids and your payroll. 

  • Verification unlocks the Cash App borrow money feature 

If you are a verified Cash App user and are have at least $1000 coming in your account every month, then you are eligible to take a short-term loan from the Cash App.