Cash App has crossed millions of users across the USA to easily proceed with money transfers. And,  money lending, long and short terms stocks, bitcoin investments, and much more. In addition,  it has captured the American competitors' online transaction market over the past few years. So, many Cash App users are still confused about “how to unlock the borrow feature on Cash App.”

Quick Answer

To unlock the “Borrow” feature on Cash App, You can proceed with the simple steps into the Cash App. Go to the Cash App>tap the banking icon>Click the “Borrow” button >Tap “Unlock.” You can further proceed with entering the amount you want to borrow> Follow the further onscreen instructions.

Further, in this complete user’s guide, you will come to know all the details of its borrowing solution. And a complete explanation of the necessary steps to follow to borrow from a cash app without any hassle. So, users can enjoy the money-borrowing feature while sitting at home. 

Is It Possible to Borrow Money From Cash App?

Even though Cash App has made online money transfers more convenient. But still, it has not yet authorized its users to borrow large amounts of money. However, Cash App users can avail of the “borrow” feature which allows them to borrow an emergency loan of up to $200.

Further, it also depends on eligibility checks like your credit history, residence address, and many others. So, you can proceed with borrowing the money amount. Moreover, like any other apps like Venmo and Paypal. Cash App has made it possible to enroll their users in some great features like Cash App Investments in stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

How to Unlock “Borrow” on Cash App? - Simple Steps to Follow

Cash App has a fast process of money borrowing services and users can simply follow the steps listed below. And, can take the money amount they want to borrow. 

Here are the simple steps to follow: 

  • Go to the Cash App, you installed on your smartphone
  • Proceed with the “banking” icon by finding it in the bottom left corner
  • Go to the feature called “ Borrow” on the Cash App
  • Now, Select “Unlock” and check for your eligibility to borrow.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions that have popped up on the page. 
  • You will be successfully redirected to borrow the money amount.

So, by going through the above-listed simple steps, you can find a better borrow cash App feature and you can also guide others to go through this. 

How Does the Cash App's Borrowing Work?

To proceed with the process of “how to unlock the borrow feature on Cash App, know more how it works. Cash App does provide short-term loans to its eligible users and for this, you need to have an active Cash App account. In addition, in case you pass a good credit history and the eligibility criteria as per your residence. So,  you can avail of the benefits of the Cash App loan amount.  

Here, is what you need to know about how it works:

  • You’re eligible to take the loan amount between $20 to $200.
  • You need to repay it within four weeks of the loaned amount with a flat 5% processing fee.
  • Regarding additional fees: In addition to the 5% flat fee, Cash App Borrow also charges a weekly late fee of 1.25%.

Why Is Cash App Not Allowing You to Borrow Money?

Cash App users need to check whether they are eligible for the Cash App Borrow or not. And, there can be many reasons for the non-eligibility of a short-term emergency loan. 

Here are a few reasons why you are unable to borrow on Cash App

  • Geographical Differences

Currently, Cash App is running its fast and safe operations only across the USA and the UK. So, to avail of the borrowed money on a Cash App, you must be a resident of the USA or the UK. 

  • A Clear Credit History

Before you proceed with the money-borrowing features on the Cash App. You need to pass the requirement of a good credit history of at least 600. So, below this credit score, your loan amount will get rejected by the Cash App automatically. 

  • Inactive Cash App Card 

Your inactivity on Cash App for at least three months declines your borrow money request on Cash App. 


To conclude, you must have got a thorough process of “How to unlock borrow on Cash app.”

In addition, Cash App allows emergency money borrowing features through its user-friendly App. It allows users to download the Cash App into their smartphones. Moreover, for getting a loan to pass, you need to check the eligibility of your credit card history, locations, and much more. Hopefully, in this guide, you might have gotten your answer about Cash App loans.