How to Transfer Money From Relia Card To Cash App (Guide 2023)

Just like the Cash App's card popularity in the US, you can also find one of the famous apps, called ReliaCard. ReliaCard is specially designed for the purpose of online orders, in-store and out store purchases, phone purchases, bills, and many others. However, if a Cash App user wants to know How to Transfer Money From ReliaCard To Cash App? It can be not that tough, but it should be cleared out that direct transfers are not possible using the ReliaCard to Cash App and vice-versa. Here, you need to have a complementary connected US bank account, so that money transfers could be possible. 

What is the Relia card?- An Overview 

Want to know what is a Reliacard? ReliaCard is a prepaid debit card that is issued by the US Bank and can be easily accessible and reloadable. For this card, it is not required that you must carry an account with a US bank.  In case a user wants to receive government agency payments and any further financial assistance, a Relia card is a secure alternative for safe payments and works similarly to the debit card payments. The ReliaCard can be easily reloaded, and a prepaid debit card can be used for housing authorities, child support, unemployment insurance, pensions, and more.

Why is the ReliaCard popular in the US? 

The US citizens find the U.S Bank ReliaCard a much more beneficial and safe payment alternative just like the Cash App, and it also follows all the security protocols to avoid any fraudulent activities through its card. 

  • It is a widely accepted card in the US for issuing a paper check for unemployment
  • Users can easily reload this prepaid debit card as well as go for the automatic-deposited features.  
  • U.S. citizens availed the unemployment claims and requests for the ReliaCard during the COVID-19.
  • Users can avoid overdraft fees.
  • You can make purchases everywhere with Relia Visa debit cards as it is accepted everywhere.
  • You get great deals, and discounts In on-store, off-store, and any acceptable retail outlets. 
  • Users can withdraw cash using the Relia card via any ATM. 
  • Reliacard offers many cash-back schemes with your purchase at many retail, grocery, and convenience stores with minimal charge or no charges. 

How can you activate your ReliaCard?

So, once you receive the Reliacard, you need to activate it using the website's direction or the Cash App. To activate the card you can visit the ReliaCard website or the

mobile app. 

Here is the simple procedure to follow for card activation:

  • Go to the Reliacard website  
  • To activate your card, hit on Activate Card tab
  • Go to Setup Online Access/Activate New Card using a mobile app.
  • Here you need to create a strong password(Minimum weight character), including characters, letters, Alphabet, numerics, etc. 
  • Save the created password in a safe place for future reference, in case you forget it. 

To activate your Reliacard, you need to call on customer support center at 1-855-279-1270 

using your identification PIN. And, it will also be required at any ATM withdrawals during the process of activation. Secondly, you can visit the ReliaCard website and activate it further by following the activation instructions.

Explained- How To Transfer Money From Reliacard To Cash App?

Users must be keen to know: can I transfer money from Reliacard to Cash App? Here you need to know that direct money transfers from Reliacard to Cash App are not possible as of now. For this, you should connect your common US bank account to proceed with the money transfers. And the linking of your respective bank account to Reliacard and Cash App acts as a middleman to initiate the money transfer process. Further, we will discuss the two processes in brief:  

  • Steps to follow on how to transfer money from Reliacard to bank account
  • Easy ways on How to  transfer the money from your bank account to Cash App

An easy process on How To Transfer Money From Reliacard To Bank Account

To initiate the money transfers from Reliacard to bank account, you need to visit the Reliacard website


  • Once you go through the ReliaCard website.
  • Find the Banking tab, 
  • Select “Link Bank”, and follow the further instructions to link your bank account
  • Go to the menu and hit “Manage” 
  • select “Card to Bank Transfer,”
  • Enter the account information about the US bank account with the amount to send
  • Proceed with the onscreen’s instructions and Click Transfer Funds


More than two transfers per month are chargeable and cost $2 per charge. The process usually takes 3-5 business days to complete the entire money transfer process. 

How to transfer funds from a bank account to Cash App?

  • Here, first, you need to Log in to your Cash App account.
  • Link Cash App to your bank account smoothly by following the instructions. 
  • Click your Profile icon, 
  • Select Linked Banks, 
  • Choose from the list and find Link Bank 
  • Now, select the Banking tab on the Cash App home screen, 
  • Hit on Add Cash.
  • Choose the amount you want to transfer from your bank account to the Cash App, then hit the tab Add.
  • You need to add your identification proof like your government ID and proceed by entering your PIN or using Touch ID to verify.


At last, you must have got an idea of can I transfer money from Reliacard to Cash App and what is the process for it. So, you should connect your respective bank account and Cash App with the Relia card and do further money transactions. In case you face any further issues with linking the Relia card and Cash App account. You can straight away connect to Cash App customer care support, they will guide you further.

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