Cash App is fully encrypted, and uses all the security protocols to prevent any scam possibilities during the transaction via Cash App card in any offline or online store. However, apart from Cash App transactions, the Cash App offers add-on features like a free Cash App card, which can be used for purchases, and shopping and avail of many discounts and seasonal discounts via redeem codes, gift cards, and many others. So, here we will discuss how to track your Cash App card and its activation and deactivation process in brief. 

How to get a new Cash App card?

If you are a Cash App user and want to order an easy-to-use and customizable Cash App card, you can go to the Cash App and order it online.

Here are the simple steps, which you can follow to get the new Cash App card: 

  • Go to the Cash App icon 
  • Hit on the “Cash Card” tab
  • Touch on the “Get Cash Card”
  • Tap on the “Continue” button
  • Follow the further onscreen instructions. 

Once you will put the physical mailing address for your Cash App card, it will shortly reach your place in 10 business days. So, once it gets arrived at your place, you need to activate it on your Cash App, by entering the card details like CVV, expiration date, and other information. 

How To Track Cash App Card Delivery?

Cash App users can get both virtual and physical Cash App cards either by email address or the physical address. Cash App card is a VISA debit card that offers free transactions and offers many discounts and seasonal deals on the main holidays like Christmas, thanksgiving day, and many others.  In addition, they can also costume the color, design, emojis, and overall looks of the Cash App card before the order of the cards. 

To track your Cash App card delivery, you can check the delivery status in the Cash App and on its legitimate website on your mobile device. Go to  ‘Activity’ >Cash Wallet >check your Cash App Cardlist. You can check for its delivery status or can ask the customer support team for the expected delivery date of your Cash App card. 

Know How To Track Your Cash App Card If Lost

Wondering How To Track Your Cash App Card If Lost? Well, it is possible you might lose your Cash App card or someone has stolen your wallet. Reasons could be anything, but it is mandatory to track or retrieve your card for avoiding any monetary loss or scams via the Cash App card. Unfortunately, tracking your cash card is not possible even if it has smart chips. But, in case you are confused about what can happen with your stolen card if can probably disable your cash card. And, here are the smart steps to disable it from the Cash App by simple procedures: 

  • By opening the screen of the smartphone you can go through the Cash App
  •  And select the Cash Card tab
  • Open up the Cash Card’s image
  •  Check all and select “Disable Cash Card” to disable it for not using. 
  • It will disable the Cash Card temporarily and you can get it back once you turn it on. 

In case you have lost it or it has been stolen, perform the following steps :  

  • Under the  Cash Card tab in the Cash App
  • Choose the Cash Card’s image
  • Selected on the listed “Problem with Card”
  • Hit the tab “Card Stolen”
  • Proceed by entering your PIN or Touch ID and confirm your identity

Note: Cash App automatically deactivates Cash App card once you report the section of card stolen or missing, it will restrict anyone to use the cash card.

Is it possible to track Cash App card?

If you are a Cash App user, if are also wanting to know “how to track Cash App card?” But Cash App does not allow tracking the Cash App card anywhere, but you can see the overall transaction statement in the Cash App account. So, although card tracking is not possible, you can see the transaction records on your Cash App account for any unusual activities and you can also easily disable the card for avoiding any future loss. In addition, you can also make a complaint on the Cash App customer care reporting your issue. So, they will assist you further perfectly to resolve your issue.    

How can I check my Cash App Card transaction history? 

  • Firstly, download and install the Cash App on the phone.
  • Next hit on ‘Activity’ tap.
  • Go to transaction history 
  • You will see the list of payments under Credit/Debit Card, Wallet Balance, or Cash Card.
  • You can check all the transaction records and review the transactions and payment details here.
  • If you want to download the Prints of the transaction history, you can take this.


Why there is a delay in the Cash App Card delivery?

There can be many reasons if your Cash App card is yet not been delivered: 

  • You recently ordered your card, and it is pending due to the holidays and which affected the 10 business working days.
  • Cash App has seen some security issues, so the account went through some unusual activities and it needs account verification. 
  • Your card has been blocked.
  • In case, you have incorrectly entered your mail address or it has skipped the delivery preferences.

How Can I Avoid Cash App Scams via Cash App card?

  • Avoid any info leaks of your login credentials to any strangers.
  • Keep a good strength and protected password, and never use it in public internet access.
  • Do not follow any fake Cash App screenshots, deals, discounts, gift cards, or any other which follows a phishing email or links.
  • Change your PIN, CVV details, and account number once you notice any unusual activities.
  • Immediately deactivate your Cash App account and remove the app from your smartphone. 


Hopefully, all the above-shared pieces of information on cash card tracking and its deactivation process will work. Here, we discussed how to track Cash App card and their delivery status by following the Cash App account. In case you are still confused you can go through the Cash App customer care team. As they will allow you all the information regarding the Cash App card activation, deactivation, trickling if possible, and any other info.