When you should disable your cash App card?

You should disable your Cash App card in the following circumstances.

  • When your card is lost.

If you are unable to find your card for any reason. The first thing you should do is to turn off the cash app card. As you don’t want your card to reach in wrong hands.

  • When your card is stolen.

This is one of the most important aspects to consider. As soon as you find your card has been stolen immediately deactivate it for protection. Delaying this can cost you big.

  • When your card is damaged.

Your old cash app card may be broken or damaged in any way and if you have applied or have to apply for the new card then it is mandatory to close the damaged card.

  • When you have stopped using Cash App

If you no longer use Cash App or want to discontinue the service, just removing the application won’t help and your account will still be activated. You have to end the service by disabling your cash app card and account. 

What happens if I temporarily disable my Cash App card?

You can temporarily turn off your Cash card if you find any suspicious activity related to your card. It is best to be informed and disable it rather than delaying the process but the best part with Cash App is that you can enable your card again with some simple steps which we will learn later in this post. 

If you temporarily disable your cash app card, there are some shortcomings like you won’t be able to withdraw money from ATM, you won’t be able to make card payments, and the payments that are pending will stop. However, you will still be able to use the Cash App and receive the money directly in the account. 

How to deactivate Cash App card?

Cash App cards can be disabled easily within the app itself. If you want to close your Cash App card, follow the steps below:

  • Tap to open Cash App.
  • Click on the card icon on the homepage.
  • Switch the toggle button to deactivate the cash app card.

With these steps, you can turn off the cash app card and in case you find any difficulty you can directly reach out to the Cash App customer service and they will help you close the cash app card.

How to deactivate a stolen Cash App card?

We can understand what it feels when your financial card gets stolen. It may lead to problems but thankfully Cash App provides ease in disabling your cash card and you can do it by your cash app itself. 

If your card is stolen or lost then you should not delay the process of deactivating it as it can hamper your financial security of the account and you can not let your information be misused.

  • Click on the cash card tab.
  • Go to cash card support.
  • Select Report your cash card.
  • Select from the options Card stolen/ card misplaced.
  • Enter the details required.

This way you can report your cash app card issue.  

How to enable Cash App card when disabled?

So we have learned about the process of disabling the card. Now, we will see the process to enable it. 

  • Open the cash App on your device.
  • On the homepage, click on the card tab.
  • You will see a toggle button, slide it to the right side to turn it on. 

And your card will be enabled. As soon as your card gets activated again it will automatically start working. 

Sometimes, even after entering the details, Cash App does not allow you to enable the card. In this case, recheck the details once and if it still doe not work then you need to contact customer care. 

If I disable my Cash App card will it stop a pending payment?

Yes, if you disable your Cash App card, all the pending payments will stop automatically and will be shown as declined. The sender will have to process the payment again when the card is activated. 

If I deactivate my Cash App card can I still receive money? 

You can still receive money in your cash app account you don’t need to have the card or bank account linked for it. Though, there is a limit that you can only receive $1000 in 30 days and not more than that.


Cash App gives quick and easy enable and disable service of your Cash App Card. You can immediately disable your card if it is lost or stolen by raising a request. Once you disable your cash app card your pending payments can get declined but there can be some exceptions. You can still receive money and Cash App direct deposit in your bank account.