Cash App statement is simple to download

Technically, Cash App is not a bank. It is a fintech company but still, many Cash App users call it a bank. Cash App by Square can be best described as a payment app. You can use it to send, receive, and store money as one can do with a bank account. Square Cash App offers a few more features as any other bank does such as debit card, borrow money, and direct deposit. But, the million-dollar question is – Does Cash App provides a bank statement? If yes then how you can download the Cash App bank statement. Let’s find out the answers to these questions. 

How to print your Cash App bank statements?

You can spend your whole day in search of Cash App statement on the Cash App mobile application but you will not find it anywhere. Why? Because an option to download a monthly Cash App statement is not available on Cash App mobile app. The only possible way to download a Cash App bank statement goes through the official website of Cash App.

Whether you need to download a Cash App monthly statement or need to take a printout of the Cash App monthly statement, for both things you have to navigate through the using the laptop or computer. These are the steps to follow:

  • Login to your Cash App account using your registered phone number or email.
  • Now from the top-right corner, select the “Statements” button.
  • After that Cash App will let you choose the month which you want to download or print the statement.   
  • If your computer is connected to a printer then press the “Cntrl+P” to print your Cash App bank statement.
  • Else, click the “Download” to download your monthly wise Cash App statements.

Note:  Worry not if your current month's bank statement is not visible to you on screen. Be informed that Cash App monthly statement becomes available within 5 business days of month-end.

How does Cash App show on bank statement?

Whenever I tell the cashapp users that it is super simple to download a Cash App statement, I get this question. How does Cash App transactions show up on bank statement? As you are reading this blog chances are high that you also have this question in your mind. Not an issue. I have got an answer to this question in the following section.

Before everything else, let me clear one important thing. All of the transactions that you carried out using the Cash App don’t appear on a bank statement. For example, the payment you made using your Cash App card at a store or restaurant, a purchase that you made at a gas station, and the direct deposit you receive on Cash App never appear on your bank statement. So, don’t get confused if you don’t find your Cash App payment on your debit or bank statement.

Only those transactions that you make between your Cash App wallet and a bank account or a debit card will be visible to you on your monthly bank statement. For example, the bank transfers from Cash App to bank and vice-versa will be available on your Cash App bank statement.    

Now coming to your main question – How does Cash App payment show up on your bank statement? Well, it varies from bank to bank. Some banks show Cash App transactions with the “SQC” code while many other banks use the prefix “CASH”. Some banks show cashtag name of the user to denote the Cash App transfer on a monthly bank statement.  

Cash App bank statement with address

If by address you mean where you live then hold for a minute. The cash App statement does not come with the address where you live. Cash App bank statement only shows the date, time, and amount of the transaction. It might be your next question - can I get a Cash App bank statement with the account number? The answer is – No. Cash App does not show the account number and routing number. In case you want to find out all these details, consider getting into the banking section on your Cash App wallet and find out the details.