Cash App is a widely diversified online payment app, which is successfully sprouting its wings inside the USA and the UK. The active Cash App users continuously scroll the new and generative ideas to get fast and easy to earn money ways. So, many users must not be aware of the term called “Cash App recurring payments.” Therefore, the users must be curious about does Cash App do recurring payments. 

Short Answer 

Wondering can you do recurring payments on Cash App? Yes, certainly, it's a Cash App auto-deposit feature and can be fixed to save money and pay bills at the regular auto-deduction of money using the Cash App wallet or through your respective bank account.

Well, the short and simple answer is Yes, Cash App does avail the money-earning benefits by the minimal amount of deduction at the specified time and day they choose, which will be collected as a recurring deposit. Further, what is the core purpose of Cash App recurring deposits? It can be a genuine question among Cash App users, so the relevant answer is to fulfill the future money scarcity via the Cash App recurring payment, which can be easily checked into the Cash App balance. 

What is Cash App Recurring Payment? 

Cash App automatically collects the fund at regular intervals of time from your linked bank account into the Cash App wallet to save money for money scarcity needs fulfillment in the future. The automate recurring Cash App payments features can be utilized for any needs like 

loan EMIs, product installment payments, bill payments, or any other purpose. So, the Cash App users can set the auto deduction of the fixed payments from their Cash App wallets or the direct bank money transfers to the Cash App recurring deposits. This way a user saves money for future uses. 

How Can You Set Up Recurring Payments On Cash App?

Auto-add cash on Cash App features plays a vital role in Cash App recurring payment process. Cash App users can add a specified amount taken for the purpose of loans, EMI deductions, or any other needs deposited as recurring payments. So, here are the simple steps for setting up recurring payments Cash App:

  • Go to the Cash App's latest version installed on your smartphone
  • Go to the menu and open the Cash App icon 
  • Find and select the Banking tab (home icon) 
  • Hit on the Deposits & transfers 
  • Hit on the “recurring” option
  • Go to the Add Cash and turn it ON
  • Now the next turn is to set the interval of recurring payment from daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Hit the timer to set the day and time 
  • Set the recurring amount and select the “schedule tab”
  • Proceed by confirming the changes you have made by entering your Cash App PIN

How To Receive Recurring Payments On Cash App?

Recurring payments with Cash App is a process of deposition of the money automatically into the Cash App recurring deposits. For this, you need to open a Cash App account using your login credentials and add your recipient's details. And, fix the auto-deductible amount for your loans, EMI, or any other needs from your Cash App wallet and  Cash App card. Here, you have the liberty of the auto-deductible amount at your convenience like no. of day and the time durations. Further, to avail of the Cash App recurring feature you must verify your Cash App account’s identity. 

How To Cancel Recurring Payments On Cash App?

As we know, once you start the Cash App auto-deduction of money feature via the Cash App, it needs to be canceled. In case, it is no longer required in the future. So, to know the simple steps about How To Cancel Recurring Payments On Cash App? Here are your simplified steps to follow: 

  • First, launch the updated Cash App on your smartphone and log into your Cash App account. 
  • From the top right corner, find the “Profile” tab. 
  • Now scroll to the Cash App screen and hit “Cash support”. 
  • Choose “something else” from the list available on the Cash App account.
  • Provide the valid issue to the Cash App for cancellation of the Cash App recurring feature 
  • Once the Cash App will receive your cancellation request,
  • It will be rectified within the next 2-3 days, and your recurring feature will be disabled automatically. 

How To Stop Recurring Payments On Cash App?

Sometimes the Cash App user might be facing the Cash App funding issue. Or maybe any other issues are responsible like scamming, changing the Cash App account, or any other. Therefore, they need to stop the auto-deduction feature for Cash App recurring payments. So, here is the simple procedure to stop recurring payments on the Cash App. 

  • Open the Cash App account on the smart device. 
  • Hit on the “profile tab”. 
  • Select the “cash support tab”. 
  • Go to the” something else” tab. 
  • Now, you must elaborate on your factual issue for stopping the services of the Cash App recurring deposit on the Cash App account. 
  • Hit on the cancel recurring payments.
  • The Cash App will disable the feature within 1-2 days.  
  • In case of any related issue, you may also contact the Cash App customer cash support. 


Hopefully, you now have a general understanding of the Cash App recurring payment process. It includes a Cash App recurring payments overview, receiving recurring payments, cancellations, and stopping its services. So, any Cash App user will go for the Cash App recurring deposit needs, in case they want to save money in small sums for future financial security. In case, of any queries related to Cash App recurring payments. Users can easily contact Cash App customer service support by dialing 1- 800-969-1940. Hopefully, all the relevant information has been correctly and smartly shared in this quick guide.