Cash App never disappoints users in terms of fast and encrypted transactions. And it applies all the security protocols to save your credential from scammers and error-free transactions. However, sometimes you may encounter a frustrating message of Cash App payment says completed but no money has been transferred or received error messages. 

Why did it happen first of all? Well, you need not worry about first you need to check for the possible reasons for its existence, then you can come around with a solution either by visiting the cash app website. Or in case nothing gets resolved, you can contact the cash app customer care representative, they will let you know its solutions. In this article, we are going to discuss Cash App payment completed but not received with its instant remedy. 

What Does Payment Completed Mean On Cash App?

Cash App payment may go through different stages it may be completely successful, pending status and Cash App payment completed but not received. In addition in case of any issue, it may reflect an error message of payment failed as well. So, the reasons can be anyone but you may have to wait for either the immediate next day or for a maximum of 10 business days to receive the payment into your account. 

So, here we will discuss What Does Payment Completed Mean On Cash App? Well, this can be understood better with that payment which has been completed and reflected in your account, and it may take the next day or 2-3 days to reach your account depending on the status of the payment. Additionally, the complement payments into your cash app account are ready to use either for withdrawals, shopping, or any other personal needs. In case, you get the error of the Cash App transaction “pending” stage, it shows it is not yet been accepted. 

Cash App Payment Says Completed But No Money: Possible Errors Reason

Cash App users can go with safe and secure standard or instant payment via the cash app account debit or credit card, whichever is linked to the bank account. However, there can be many reasons which are responsible for Cash App payment says completed but no money and it can be still in the pending stages. 

So, here are a few of the reasons to go further and make out the perfect solutions : 

  • The Fund Is Lacking For The Transaction

Cash App users who want to process the payment to their own account or the recipient's account, need to check before initiation of fund transfer. It includes the rechecking of the total funds in their account and checking via its balance history. So, it is advisable to double-check your balance to avoid any further payment delays or pending issues. 

  • Weak Or Public Network Connection

A good strength signal of internet connectivity really matters to run the features of the cash app. 

So, if you are doing a transaction in bad network connectivity or unsafe network connections. Possibilities are there you might get payment stuck, incomplete, or failed messages. In addition, public networks are not safe for transactions as you may get into scam traps and there is a possibility of fraudulent payments.  

  • Inactive Or Wrong Cash App Card Or Credit Card

To make a successful payment online, you must enter the correct credit or debit card details like CVV number, expiration date, and any other details. In addition, you must make sure you are running a valid debit card and always keep your card updated.  

  • Server loss(Either Cash App or respective Bank)

Due to the server breakdown issue of the cash app account, as millions of transactions are held every day, you might encounter Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received or sent to your known ones account. In addition, sometimes the bank’s server also fails, which creates an issue while completing the transactions. So, you can either call the customer care representative or the website's support team to get quick solutions for this. 

  • Wrong Recipient Information entry

It is required to enter the right information of the recipient like Cashtag, phone number, and account details, and recheck before the money transfers. As any single typo error can transfer the amount to the wrong account.  So, it might be a prime reason for Cash App payment says completed but not received.


Q1. Can I Receive Money On Cash App Without Verification?

Yes, it is possible to receive the money in your unverified cash app account. However, you can receive up to $1000/month for an unverified account. If you want to expand the receiving limits, you will have to verify your account. 

Q2. I am getting an Error Cash App payment says completed but not received. What should I do? 

Well, you are not a single one who is going through this error. There can be many reasons for this and one of them can be wrong account entries, poor network connectivity, and many other reasons. So, you need to connect to cash app customer care support to get a perfect resolution at its toll free call support number 1- 800-969-1940.


Are you stuck around Cash App payment completed but not received? All the shared info regarding its possible reasons and its solutions have been perfectly described above. So, you can go through the steps and follow them to safely complete your transactions. In addition, you must check the recipient's address, your card's validity, and the internet connectivity to avoid any such payment pending instances.  and  Hope this info is quite relevant.