Cash App users are in need of a answer to the question ‘is Cash App Friday legit or not?’ well, this is one of the repeatedly asked questions among users. So, we are going to cover everything related to Cash App Friday, #Cash App Friday giveaway and Cash App Friday scam. At the end you will get the answer for ‘is Cash App Friday legit?, so keep reading to know more. 

What Is Cash App Friday Or # Cash App Friday Giveaway?

Cash App organised Cash App Friday giveaways and the early tweeters or repliers get a fixed amount of money from Cash App. The company organise or promote #CashAppFriday to get popularity as it is the close competitors of Venmo a subsidiary of PayPal. In this type of promotions, Cash App sends money to the first bath of users reply to Cash App’s tweeter or instagram posts. Even it sends money to random users to get promotions or popularity. 

How Does Cash App Friday Giveaways Look?

Cash App writes “we are are give away $75K to those who are prompts and updated with Cash App posts. Further, one who want to win the giveaways need to invite 10 friends to the platform of Cash App. you can do so by opening Cash App to find profile icon and tap it to select “invite friends” and get $5. 

Further, it says, once you have invited 10 friends to Cash App, you can share your Cashtag in the comments. Now Cash App will decide to invites first 100 followers who completed the 10 friends invitation to give away $100 each. 

The next 500 followers who shared their Cashtag will get $50 each and it will select 800 users randomly to attract more people to use the Cash App for transactions and will give them $50 each. 

 This is the official notice on twitter or instagram where Cash App is announcing #CashAppFriday giveaways. 

How Has Scammers Made Cash App Friday Ground To Deceive Cash App Users?

Cash App Friday giveaways is a legit promotional way but the scammers have made it a way of scamming others. Scammers are taking advantage of legit Cash App Friday giveaways and making announcing their own giveaways on behalf of Cash App. some of the scammers are promising to give away money to winners or loyal followers. Scammers are adding one more step in their giveaways, they are asking users to contact directly to them on the provided number. When the users who complete the task contact , they ask to send a small amount of money it could be $5, $10, or little more to claim your giveaway money. 

Some users are not aware of such scams and send small amount of money and they never hear back or get any money in return. 

In this way Cash App Friday has become a breeding ground for the scammers. 

This is one way, scammers are applying different tricks using Cash App friday giveaway. 

How To Avoid Fake # Cash App Friday Offers?

As we have already seen Cash App Friday giveaways are legit promotion methods used by Cash App. But you should stay updated to know the real Cash App Friday giveaways. 

Every Friday, Cash App comes with official sweepstakes where the users can win real money or prizes. There you should be aware of dozens of such fake $Cash App Friday giveaways trending on the top social media sites such as twitter, facebook, and instagram. To avoid such scams you need to cross-check the link to participate in the giveaways. If it is from Cash App, you can enter the giveaway to win real money. 


Q1. What is Cash App Fridays?

Cash App announces to giveaways money to users who promote Cash App to their friends. It calls for those who complete the task faster and select some random users as well to giveaway money. We call it Cash App Fridays because Cash App giveaway money or prizes on every Friday. It is also called as super Cash App friday but don’t enter any fake giveaways. 

Q2. Do You Need To Pay Money To Claim Cash App Friday?

No, you don’t need to send money or make any purchase to claim the prize. If someone is asking to send a small amount of money to claim the prize, it might be a scam. 


Finally, you might have understood the different types of scams you can come across on the social media sites. Never enter the fake #Cash App friday giveaways and double check before you start completing the task. Check the giveaway link, if it is from the Cash App or not. Many scammers are running fake Cash App giveaway on the social sites.